Our pawsome camp playground features a treehouse, tents, boxes, scratching posts, high perches, comfy hammocks in a calm and cool outdoor theme.  Whether kitty is hyper or shy, our playground has structures to suit both personalities to keep them occupied during their staycation.

Daily Playtime

Private daily playtime is part of Kitty's staycation package. This is when they get to explore, stretch and play! Our rangers will also take this time to interact with Kitty and give them plenty of rubs or brush their majestic fur. Rest assured they will have fun!


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  • Playtime duration depends on occupancy rate of Camp Kitty

  • Cats are allowed into the playground with their human's authorisation

  • Cat behaviour assessment will be done by our camp rangers

  • Some cats might be exempted from playtime (e.g. aggressive cats, unneutered males that urine mark)

  • If cat shows signs (e.g. reclusive/aggressive) and they would prefer to relax in their lodgings, we will not force them to come out and play

A Common Space

The playground being a shared space, the room & structures are sanitised daily and toys are regularly washed to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria.