Get to know a little something about the hoomans & cattos caring for your furkids.

The face you see 99.9% of the time you visit Camp Kitty. A wife, mother of two, entrepreneur and cat caretaker. We don't know how she does it all either. 

Zu, Chief Poop Scooper

Customer Relations // Operations

Sam hates other cats, but adores people. A mix of sugar & spice - sometimes overly sweet and other times just purely feisty.

Sam, Sassy Discipline Master

Calico Cat

The builder of cat structures and in charge of maintaining the facility. Din has a big heart on cat welfare. He's the one that keeps rescuing stray kittens off the streets.

Din the Builder

Maintenance // Handyman

Steps in once a month to check in on the condition of facility & the rangers (also to pamper himself and maintain his floooof)

Neng, Camp Chief 

Orange Tabby Persian

Harbours an ambition to be a vet one day. In the meantime, he settles for grooming them; and making sure they're well-fed and properly cared for.

Afi the Cat Whisperer

Ranger // Head Groomer

The one in charge of Camp Kitty's Instagram captions. Her favourite thing to do at Camp Kitty is wiping fingerprints off the playroom glass window.

Nisa the Neat Freak

Creative // Marketing

Farts when he gets overexcited, Zorro has the sweetest soul. Always curious and wants to befriend other happy campers.

Zorro, Master of Mischief

Mask & Mantle Cat

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