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When we were conceptualising Camp Kitty back in 2016, we had three key things in mind – reasonable, comfortable & fun.

And leaving your beloved furkids behind is no fun. It can be stressful for both cats and their hoomans – most times, it's the latter. That's where we come in. We want to create a holistic experience for both. And not forgetting the fun factor, which is why we themed it as a camping retreat to unwind and relax.


At Camp Kitty, we care about the nitty gritty. Our biggest flex is when customers tell us there's no cat stench when they step into our facility. We do not skimp on the products we use in order to maintain our quality services.


With the Camp Kitty owners supervising and reporting to you firsthand, fret not about your furkids. 

We have since grown in our grooming capabilities and retail as well.


Get to know a little something about the hoomans & cattos caring for your furkids.


Zu, Chief Poop Scooper

Operations // Customer Service

A wife, mother of two hoomans and seven cats, entrepreneur and cat caretaker. We don't know how she does it all either. 

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Ranger // Cat Groomer

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Sam, Sassy Discipline Master

Calico Cat

Sam hates other cats, but adores people. A mix of sugar & spice - sometimes overly sweet and other times just purely feisty.


Neng, Camp Chief 

Orange Tabby Persian

Neng is the reason why Camp Kitty exists at all. He steps in once a month to check in on the facility & the rangers (also to pamper himself and maintain his floof)

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Customer Service // Retail

Bubbly, loud and ready to attend to you at Camp Kitty! A mother of two notty oyens.


Sergeant Pepper, Catfluencer

Bicolour Cat

Sergeant Pepper is our brand ambassador. He makes mediocre tiktoks in exchange for food. He is extremely shy with people, but he loves befriending other cats.


Nisa the Neat Freak

Customer Service // Groomer

A jack of all trades. Creative, Marketing, Grooming - she does it all. Obsessed with her babies Dusty + Pepper.

Certified Professional Feline Groomer by Nekomori.

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Din the Builder

Maintenance // Handyman

The builder of cat structures and in charge of maintaining the facility. Din has a big heart on cat welfare. He's the one that keeps rescuing stray kittens off the streets.


Take Mew Home is a non-profit initiative by Camp Kitty. We help cats find their way into forever homes with big hearted people.​ This initiative allows us to bring out the love in cats and hoomans when they find each other. We also get to cross paths with really lovely people!

These cuties are currently looking for furrever homes:

Get in touch with us at 6011 2191 2340 or if you are keen to adopt.

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