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  • Are you open on public holidays?
    It depends. We normally announce on our social media accounts or Google Business page when the public holiday is approaching if we are operating, so keep a lookout. Otherwise, we're just a text away!
  • How much is a stay per night?
    Head to for more information. If you still need help, we'd be happy to provide you with a quote, just hit us up.
  • What are your cat lodging requirements?
  • What do you feed the cats here?
    We serve Blackwood Original for adult cats and Blackwood Kitten for kittens. If your cat needs to be on their own particular diet, kindly bring adequate amount of food in an airtight container, properly labelled with their name and feeding instructions.
  • What is your check-in and check-out hours like?
  • Can I check my cat in/out on your closed day (Wednesday)?
  • Can I check-in earlier or check-out later than operating hours?
    Much like a hotel, we schedule incoming guest’s availability based on outgoing guests. We also need time to thoroughly clean and prepare for incoming guests. If you need to schedule an early or late check-in/out, kindly inform us ahead of time so we may make preparations. Additional fees apply.
  • What is included in the cat lodging fee?
    the selected lodging option premium kibbles (Blackwood) premium cat litter individual playtime kitty updates (every 2 - 3 days) tender loving care
  • Will you be sending updates on my cat?
    Yes, we send updates via WhatsApp - but not on a daily basis. If any concern arises, rest assured that we will notify you promptly. We also upload cat photos on our social media accounts, so give us a follow! However, if you would like to be sent daily updates on your cats, you may subscribe to our Daily Kitty Updates for RM5/day. Just notify us during check-in.
  • If I bring my cat's own food, is there any discount?
    Unfortunately, no. Although our lodging prices is inclusive of kibbles, we strongly encourage pet parents to bring kitty’s own kibbles to ensure their daily meal intakes are not disrupted, especially for sensitive cats with special diet, digestive issues or picky eaters.
  • What happens if my cat falls sick during their stay here?
    Should the situation arise that we feel your pet needs medical attention, we will update you and seek permission to get treatment from your vet or our panel vets. Any billing from the vet & transport fee will be born by you and will be settled during check-out.
  • My pet is on medication. Are you able to feed him his medication?
    Please note that we only accept healthy cats to ensure other guests are not compromised. Any Medical Care & Treatment (e.g. medication feeding, eye ointment application) charges are from RM2 per feeding/application
  • Are there any discount rates for kittens?
    Nursing kittens (below 2 weeks old) with mom are free of charge whereas kittens between 3 weeks - 5 weeks old are charged RM5 per kitten per night. Kittens that have started consuming solid food & pooping are charged normal fees. p/s: They might be tiny, but bear in mind that kitten food costs higher, they require more personal care & attention than adult cats and are waaay messier.
  • Can I board other small woodland creatures at Camp Kitty?
    Unfortunately, we do not take in any other type of pets for the time being.
  • Can I visit your facility before booking for a stay?
    Yes, of course. We understand that it's not easy trusting a bunch of (cat-loving) strangers to care for your furkid in your absence. Get in touch with us via email or phone to arrange a viewing appointment. Viewing appointments timing is between 2pm - 4pm
  • How do you charge for cat grooming?
    We charge based on the cat's size + coat type. Additional charges apply depending on the condition of the cat's skin and fur. Difficult kitty fee applies for overly aggressive / difficult cats.
  • My cat can be temperamental. Can you handle it?
    If your cat is extremely aggressive or uncooperative during the grooming session, we reserve the right to refuse service should your cat be extremely hard for us to handle or groom for the safety of your cat and our staff. However, if we can handle the level of feistiness, we do have a surcharge for difficult kitty fee.
  • Do I have to make an appointment to send my cat for grooming?
    It is preferable, so that we can allocate a slot for kitty. Weekend slots tend to get taken up fast, so making a reservation early is advisable.
  • Can I view my cat during their grooming session?
    Unfortunately, no as we didn't cater for this when renovating the facility.
  • Do you mix all the cats together during playtime?
    Cats are territorial animals. For the sake of their health and safety, we do not let cats interact with each other. Playtime is strictly individual / together with the same household cats.
  • How long are cats allowed in the playground?
    It depends on our occupancy rate and how the cats react being in the playground. It could range between 15 minutes - 1 hour.
  • My cat tends to urine mark. Will this be a problem?
    We do not allow un-neutered cats that urine mark to be in the playground and to stay in our Villa.
  • How do I make a booking for boarding/grooming?
    You can make a booking for both boarding and grooming on our website.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit fee to make a booking?
    We only require a 50% deposit fee for peak season booking. Refer here for the dates.
  • I need to cancel my booking. Will my booking deposit be refunded?
    Sometimes unexpected things happen and you have to change your plans. We fully understand. If you need to cancel your reservations, please do so at least 5 days prior to your arrival date. Late cancellation fee may be imposed. For peak season bookings, kindly refer to this post.
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