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Check-in Checklist

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Hooman's vacation time has come, which means it’s also time for kitty’s staycation. While you’re busy packing for your vacation, we also want to make sure that you pack all the things kitty will need for their little camping trip.

For most cat parents (especially those who are leaving kitty for the first time) this can be a tad bit overwhelming. So here’s a simple guide to help you pack for kitty to ensure they have a comfy stay.

Comfort is Key

Being in a new environment can be stressful for some cats. Packing some personal items from home can help comfort them during their staycation.


Bring along some toys (e.g. plastic ball, small track toy, soft toy) to keep them stimulated throughout the day. Providing kitty with a small box or basket would also make them feel safe and happy as cats have that “if it fits, i sits“ mentality.

Adult Cats

Bring their favourite toy, a small scratch pad, clean bedding, or even a piece of your clothing. A sense of familiarity can bring them comfort in their home away from home.

Note: Do limit to bringing a maximum of 3 personal items and ensure that items brought are clean.

Kitty's Gotta Eat

While we serve Blackwood kibbles here, you’re more than welcome to bring kitty’s own kibbles, canned food, or even treats - especially if your furball is a picky eater or has a sensitive stomach. A sudden change in diet may cause poor digestion or an upset stomach.

To ensure kitty’s kibbles stay fresh and crunchy, pack them in a container or individual ziplock bag. Label the items with kitty’s name and feeding instructions. Avoid handing us kibbles in their original packaging as we have limited space on the feeding trolley and it might hinder our camp rangers from efficiently feeding the cats.

Here's a great example by Toffee's awesome mom, Maisarah.

Kitty's Gotta Poop

There are a variety of cat litters in the market out there - clay, wood, crystal & tofu to name a few. Here at Camp Kitty, we use tofu cat litter. If kitty is using another type of cat litter at home, we do recommend that you bring along what they use; to avoid confusion and problems such as refusing to go.

Staying Healthy

If any medication needs to be administered during kitty’s stay, do label the medicine along with instructions. The same goes to any supplements for kitty to stay purr-ty. Additional fee applies.

Check One Two

Keeping a list of items to pack is advisable, so you don't forget to bring them and collecting them upon check-out. Also, packing all the items in a reusable bag helps us keep kitty's items organised.

Please transport kitty over in a carrier. This is for their own safety - to ensure kitty does not run off to the streets, stressed by unfamiliar environment or in the presence of other cats in the lobby.

With these set in place, kitty will feel more at ease which leads to a pleasant staycation experience for both kitty and their hooman.

p/s: Please ensure that kitty fulfils all the criteria for its stay at Camp Kitty. Click here for the full list of lodging requirements. Failure to do so might result in refusal of admission from boarding at Camp Kitty.


Camp Kitty is a cat boarding and grooming facility in Johor Bahru. Known for its attention to detail of your cat’s staycation experience. Book kitty's staycation here!

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